Only $3.99 for LIFETIME RANK 



This rank will permanently unlock the [VIP] rank on MCSERVER.ORG

  • You will gain access to 185+ unique cosmetics
  • Access to all future cosmetics added for free
  • Pay whatever you think is fair (minimum $3.99)
  • Custom [VIP] prefix before your name in chat
  • Compliant with Mojang EULA
  • One time charge only, no hidden fees ever!
  • Fast priority email support for questions and concerns
  • Your donation will go towards server development and hosting costs <3
  • BONUS - you will receive an in-game "VIP Voucher" to give to a friend to also receive a lifetime [VIP] rank for free! (limited time only)


EULA compliant, this rank offers no in-game advantages and is purely cosmetic.


Players can obtain cosmetics individually for free by opening crates at spawn using free coins obtained from the daily login reward, this rank however will immediately unlock ALL of those cosmetics instantly and help support us as a Minecraft server.


Unlike other servers that use lots of micro-transactions, we offer everything upfront with this [VIP] rank and that's it! 


CONTACT SUPPORT (Rapid Response Time) (USA)

- Submit a Support Ticket -

All support tickets will be promptly responded to within 24 hours (usually much sooner)